Terms and conditions

General terms of scooter rental

  1. Minimum driver age:
    • For categories A, A1 – 19 years old
  2. Driver’s licence: The driver must be holder of a driver’s licence or international driver’s licence for the respective motor-cycle category. The driver’s license must be in effect and issued in the house of domicile of the renter at least (1) one year prior to the rental date.
  3. Rental period: the minimum rental duration is three days (72 hours). Any delay (to the due delivery time) of more than 3 hours is charged with one additional rental day.
  4. Insurance: All rental prices include third party liability. The renter is liable for any damage or theft (in whole or in part) caused to the rented motorcycle up to the amount of its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft. The renter shall pay the amount corresponding to the damage caused to Ainos Bikes Kefalonia®  ‘s motorcycle, regardless of the party responsible for such damage and shall be reimbursed of the amount in question, if and when to Ainos Bikes Kefalonia®  receives said damages

ATTENTION: The aforementioned insurance protection does NOT apply in the following cases:

  • In any kind of incident for which it is attested that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • For damages that are caused by driving on non-asphalt roads.
  • For accidents caused by a driver who is not declared in the rental contract.
  • In case of accidents for which the renter has not informed the station of Ainos Bikes Kefalonia®   nor has he submitted the relevant accident declaration, as required by Greek law, regardless if he/she is responsible or not.

The sums of money relative to the damage or loss of the motorcycle are paid directly by the renter, even if he/she is covered by a credit/debit card insurance. In such a case, the renter is under the obligation to pay to Ainos Bikes Kefalonia®  the entire cost of repair or replacement of the motorcycle.

  1. Fuel: The renter must return the motorcycle with the fuel tank filled at the same level as it was at the time of the rental. Otherwise, he/she shall be charged with the cost of the fuel. The renter is under the obligation to follow the technical specifications of the motorcycle he/she has rented and to refill each time the fuel-tank with the type of fuel required.
  2. Roadside assistance: Free 24h roadside assistance throughout Kefalonia.
  3. Mode of payment: The rental of the scooter is paid by cash or credit card (visa, mastercard).
  1. Delivery – Acceptance of delivery: Argostoli –  Airport   Free! For scooter delivery at remote places there will be a small charge.
  1. Reservations: To make a motorcycle reservation, an advance payment is NOT  required.
  2. Traffic violations – Fines: All fines and administrative penalties shall be born by the renter.
  3. Helmet: A helmet is provided for the renter, free of charge
  4. Taxes: All prices are including the VAT applicable at the time of the rental.
  5. In special cases Ainos Bikes Kefalonia®  reserves the right to replace any type of motorcycle with a type of the same or superior category.hree

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